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Hello My name is Martha Cabrera I have 4 kids of my own and just 6months ago.I took on my best friends son so she could get her life together. I have a lot of hard times like with everything paying bill and getting thing they need but I would really like to pray for my best friend that she would open her eyes to salvation and start getting things together for her and her son.

I seen her for the first time last week and she look like life just hit her in the face. She been doing drugs for a long time but I really want her to see what she doing to her son. I love him and seen him everyday hurt me as a mother cause i don't think she realizes what she doing to him. He misses him so much and she need to get her classes done or she wont be able to get him back. I have been praying like crazy.

I feel now she need more pray. I love David and I want him to have his mother back. When i pray for him he tell me he sleep better at night. He is such a blessing to me and my family but he don't see it cause he only worries about his mother. His is only 4 years old he doesn't talk well but i understand everything he say and it hurt knowing she just worries about her self.

And her son show so much love for her and she acts like he not there. I don't know what to do. Me and my kids are trying but it seem we need more help. Thank you Martha

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Martha Cabrera
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God bless you Martha for what

God bless you Martha for what you are doing so unselfishly for this little boy..I'm praying for you, your family,David and his mother right now..never be discouraged...God will work through this situation and there will be a blessing...forgive his mother in your heart and continue to pray for her. Ask God to put someone in her path who can show her how she can come to know Jesus Christ as her Lord and Savior through Salvation. Keep praying like crazy!! Wendy

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