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Prayer for family and friends to find Christ this Christmas.

Please pray for my sister Teresa, I am hurt to see the way she's being a mother to my niece and she needs to find the love of God soon to reflect upon her. Pray for my brothers Victor who is in a deep rebellious teen stage and Michelle who got back into the world and has been disconnected from God.

Please pray for my friends whom I pray for every night to find hope in Christ and that they may be saved. I really want my friends to come to the Christmas event and be inspired to come close to God. Please pray that God uses me in helping me bring them to him and continue working their spirits to become more open to him. Thank you very much for this! God bless you guys!

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I hear your desperate heart

I hear your desperate heart and share it for those we love also.Be comforted in Christ with the knowledge that all have a Day of Salvation who belong to Him when they will come to Him. Each of them has a unique path, and as we know sometimes a painful one, that leads us to the end of ourselves and then to Him. It is hard to watch others live out their story when we know the pain we want to help them avoid and we know who the Answer is. Praying with you they will see their Answer in their time. Blessings.

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