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Prayer for financial miracle

My family and I desperately need a financial miracle. When my husband lost his job in April after working with that company for 14 years, he was denied his rights to receive unemployment! He hadn't received a paycheck since April 14 and they denied him. He repeatedly filed an appeal and they eventually agreed that he should get his unemployment but would have to wait until July 24 for a hearing! I was working but making less than $1,000 per week and paid only bi-weekly. So they claimed we were over qualified for TANF! Realistically, my measly salary was not enough for a family of 4 to survive on especially with rent and all our utilities. They continue to delay our food stamps to this day and because of all this, we've fallen behind on all our bills including the car! Like many families these days, we have to share a car. My husband was blessed with a new job in July so they used that as reason to continue denying him his rights to unemployment during the time he was out of work. I applied for energy assistance in June but to this day, it's STILL pending which means our power could still be shut off and we have no way of paying that $400 bill! Las Vegas is not the place to be without A/C in your home. They shut off our water yesterday so I had to have my kids stay at a friend's because no one can live in a home without running water. My husband will have to use his most of his paycheck to go toward the car because all these denials to what we truly need have caused us to fall 3 payments behind. Someone even came by last week to speak with him about the car. I lost my job in July and have been searching for a new one ever since. But without a car, I can't continue to search for a new job. Without a car, I won't be able to get to or from the food banks I've been relying on since they enjoy delaying our food stamp benefits. Our oldest has a birthday coming up this week and my husband is highly upset over having to pawn his golf clubs so we can give her a nice little birthday celebration. It probably wouldn't be so upsetting if there wasn't the risk of the pawn shop selling them off if he's unable to get them back in time because I recently wound up losing a necklace to the pawn shop over not being able to pay for an extension. Being without a decent income has caused me to feel worthless. My children aren't accustomed to sitting around the house every single day. There was a time when I was often able to take them places that didn't even cost a lot of money but now even the inexpensive things are impossible for me to achieve. I feel worthless whenever I can't provide for them. I'm dreading for school to start because I haven't had the fund to get them back to school wear let alone take them to a movie all summer and buy food that they like. When our water was shut off yesterday, I wished like everything suicide wasn't a sin because I feel my children would be better off without me. This horrific economy has hurt so many people and its even affected my marriage.

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