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Prayer to have our sanctuary open by Christmas

I am a current member of Nellis Baptist Church, as well as a choir member of our four choirs. Our church sanctuary had a fire over the summer as a result of arson. Our church has remained so faithful and strong during the process of our rebuilding of the sanctuary that it was truly in God's plan for what our church and community have gone through. The fire did not stop us from serving our community, as this is what God has called us to do.

My prayer request is that the builders would continue with the rebuilding of our sanctuary in a smooth manner, and they are giving us a date to be back in our sanctuary that is just before Christmas. This would truly be a blessing as we are planning an awesome Christmas Musical that our community would love......and that we will be able to bring someone to Christ. We are currently holding services in our fellowship hall; however, in order to conduct our Christmas Musical, we would need the room that the sanctuary would provide.....or we may have to turn people away due to lack of room (in our fellowship hall). We pray that it will be in God's Will that we will be able to present our Christmas Musical in our sanctuary, and continue to witness and bring the Good we are called to do.

Thank you in advance for your prayers. :-) To God be the glory!

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Evelyn Colon
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