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Prayer needed for my father

This year has been pretty tough on my family as well as the previous year. The previous year we lost 2 very close relatives. Even though they are gone they are dearly missed. This year, however my dad started this year off in the hospital with his condition of C.O.P.D. He was told he needed to change his ways. Well may 22nd came and he collapsed on the ground. My father was rushed to the hospital. He was on a breathing machine for 13 days. The doctors came to my sister and asked her to make a decision. She called the family to together to make it. We did. We were gonna let him go. The next day his condition improved by a lot. New hope so we took it. He did well. Well he was in there for 3 months. since then he has been in and out of the hospital. We lost our aunt (my dad's sister) to a drug over dose in October. A week later dad is in the hospital again. This time for a blood infection. The infection has gone to his heart. If he has to have surgery he may not make it through. We find out the 26th if he has to have it. Pray that he does not this surgery that he is healed. I have lost so much this year. I also lost my job that I worked for for 6 years. I am currently looking so if you could pray that I a find one soon that would be a blessing. I lost it the worst time of year. The day we lost my aunt in October was my last day. I took a seasonal job cause a job is better than no job. Well they put me on the schedule for one day. Black Friday. Dad needs the prayer the most. Please pray. I am also going through a lot of other things too. I am not driving and I am getting the car from my grandma that passed. but the title from the other state is being difficult and always sending back anything they can not to send the title it seems. I need to be driving. On top of all this my washer and dryer took a dump. first the dryer and now the washer. The washer is not old only 18 months. It sounds like a defect but since its not under warranty anymore Maytag is not gonna take care of it. So that is disappointing. It seems like everything always happens all at once and I can't catch a break. I hope you will pray for my dad that he is healed of this blood infection and he comes home. If you could pray for me as well that things turn around soon.

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