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Need prayer for my husband and my marriage right now he's struggling with a sexual addiction to porn and our marriage is hurting because of lack of trust. Please pray for healing and guidance. Thank you God bless

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The best thing you can do for

The best thing you can do for him is keep encouraging him and loving him no matter what. I personally struggle with this as well. I brought it over into my marriage from my teenage life. Its something that just doesn't go away. The images and thoughts will always be there. But the power of JESUS can take them away and transform us into a better person. This struggle is an extremely hard struggle for both of you. But your love for him, because of Jesus Christ will help him overcome.

My wife sometimes has lack of trust in me. Yet she also aches because she sees how much it hurts me. He may not say it, but this addiction hurts him so much. It does me, every time I fail its like someone has ripped my heart out. I feel worthless. Just make sure he knows you love him and Jesus loves him.

God will help him over come. I pray that God will work in your marriage and rebuild your trust. GOD IS GOOD!!!

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