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Please pray for the health of my family. Our oldest daughter has a mass on her thyroid and my husband who isn't even 40 yet has had 2 heart attacks, the Dr's say its due to stress. we have lost our health insurance because he hasn't been able to find much work in the past few years. I am thankful that I have a full time job but they do not offer health insurance. please pray for their health and that my husband can find work soon. Thank you & god bless

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Please pray for my son he has

Please pray for my son he has a Spanish exam in college today Monday at 2 eastern time. He is autistic and has a lot of trouble with another language. Please pray GOD give him the knowledge he needs to pass this exam and class


Hi my brothers and sisters at

Hi my brothers and sisters at SOS asking special prayer for GODS strength and provision homeless in NYC at 66 for the last 4 years feeling so very weak and tired i am not sure i will survive the winter so that is why i desperately seek your prayers for GODS help.GOD richly bless you brother Danny 10/18/12

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