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Prayer for my daughter, she is involved with a married man that she works with. They both have a child. I believe that this man was "the bait of satan" as she was having issues with her now exboyfriend and as she would talk to him about it, satan subtly came in and started pulling her in emotionally, then physically and sexually. She knows better as she was brought up in a christian home, went to a christian school etc. Also he is 14 years older then her and very controlling and manipulative. If she has plans with family or friends and he tells her he wants to see her or do something, she lies to us and cancels and spends time with him. Our relationship has suffered greatly and she and I use to be very close. She literally maybe has one friend left, that she communicates with. Several years ago God literally pulled her out of a very abusive marriage and put the right people in place for her career to take off (which it did immensely, God was richly blessing her)and now she has also thrown all of that away. Please pray for her deliverance from him, revelation for what is really happening, and of course however God leads. Thank you so much

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We are praying

We are praying


The heartbreak in your words

The heartbreak in your words reveals such love for your daughter. Forgive her and try to find positive affirmations for things she does promoting herself in independence no matter how small. Rebuild your relationship based on who she is in yours and Gods eyes not by what she is doing in this situation. I will be praying that God shows her through your actions true love, acceptance, forgiveness, and the path back to Gods way.

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