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Prayer Request - My Friend

Please pray for my friend... Alcohol is ruining his physical life and keeping him from recognizing his need for our Lord. He's an alcoholic, who was sober for many years. Then, he relapsed - his wife left him, his teenage children don't want anything to do with him, his mother died and his drinking has grown worse and worse. In the last two weeks, he's been arrested for DUI twice. Yesterday, he entered a secular rehab facility.

I'm praying that as his body is separated from the alcohol and as his mind clears, he would accept His free gift of salvation, and that our precious Lord and Savior - the Great Physician - would heal him, give him strength and change his desires. I pray that he realizes his need for our Savior, and realize that he lacks the necessary strength without Him. In his pride, he refuses to surrender his life to Jesus and I pray that his eyes and his heart would be softened.

I praise God with all that is within me, knowing that He changed my life, that He changed my desires and that He promises His mercy & grace to all that believe in Him. If He saved & cleansed me, He will surely do the same for anyone else who believes on Him - including my friend.

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