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Prayer for willingness to be directed

I have just got back to the states from Afghanistan and have no job and no place to live. I am a divorced father of a 7 year old son, of whom I have not seen in 2 years. I have an opportunity to go to school full time in Florida, but that would separate me from any possible chance to see me son for a long time to come. Please pray that the Holy Spirit would get through my stubborn nature and direct me in the right way to go. Thank you.

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Prayers going out to you

Prayers going out to you brother.


God Help... cause He knows

God Help... cause He knows what your thinking and what you need.
from a single mom.
Jesus Loves You TOO!!!
Keep turning to HIM!!!
We Live we love we forgive and never give up!! Scott just played that!!!
I don't know your whole sit rep... But i heard on focus on the family one night that we have to be willing to forgive the other person, set guidelines for reconciliation and let God handle it...
Mine would be he pays his child support (has to be working)for 2 years while dating me only and showing He has really changed...
Maybe you could talk to he and see what she needs!
Praying for YOU BOTH!!

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