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Prayer for wisdom and that he can return the vacuum and get our money back.

I feel like such an idiot that I let this even happened: My husband and I let a door to door salesman in our home. We ended up buying a $1500 vacuum cleaner that we can't afford, and we don't even have carpet. My husband is going to try to return it today. Please pray that he CAN return it. When I call the number they gave us, a different company name answers, so I am worried that the company we gave the money to might not even exist. Please also pray that this doesn't happen to other people, too. The salespeople seemed so nice- I wish I hadn't fallen for it.

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The key property of a vacuum

The key property of a vacuum is it’s pressure or how “hard” it is. We often measure that with Torr units. One Torr is exactly 1/760th of a standard atmosphere (1.3 x 10-3 atm), or approximately 1 mm of mercury. With a very hard vacuum, more of the air molecules are sucked out, resulting a greater negative pressure.

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