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My husband is a non Christian, swearing, angry man. The bible says to stay. How long does it mean. He has a few good moments. I make my mistakes too, but I'm never as angry as him. Its affecting our kids. Our finances are horrible. I need prayer. And I also want to pray for those that are hurt. Thank You!

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I am convinced that nothing

I am convinced that nothing can separate us from the love of God that is in Christ Jesus our lord. Father please pour your spirit out on this person and fill them with your wisdom that comes after the humility offered here. Father glorify your name by providing for your children as only you can.


Dear Taylor, I lived

Dear Taylor,
I lived through a marriage for many years in the same situation you are in. Currently going to lose my home. In regards to your prayer request I will pray for you. You asked for how long?? Only God knows that ! But what I do know is that you have to give it to God & to trust him completely! I myself have a lot to still go through but I do know He will never leave me nor forsake me, nor will He you! Read 1 corinthians 7:15. I pray that you will trust God on this.
Your sister in Christ


I just recently said a prayer

I just recently said a prayer for you and your family. It must be really tough to go through what your experiencing. I pray God will see you through this, and that his protection will be with you and your kids. My prayer is that your children will see the light in you, and that your husband will come to Christ. I LOVE YOU and remember that God does too.

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