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Pregnancy results

I am 7 weeks pregnant through IVF. We went on Monday for an ultrasound to hear the heart beat. And there wasn't one. The doctor is concerned but not totally dicouraged. I had a blood test also on Monday and am waitin to
hear news about my hormone levels. I am so anxious for the news and not all at the same time. Please pray that the little miracle growing inside me is just a late bloomer and that when we go back on Monday the 16 we will hear a strong steady heart beat. This is our 3rd time with IVF and I have already had one miscarriage .

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I've been praying for you

I've been praying for you ever since I heard this on the radio. You're not alone.


All of us here at SOS Radio

All of us here at SOS Radio are praying. Like the last person said, you're not alone.


Thank you for your prayers.

Thank you for your prayers. The pregnancy has ended. We of course are sad and wondering why. Pray for our faith and peace. Thank you

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