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A Private, Personal Prayer for my son...Please God - Help Him...

Please pray for my son whom I truly love… he has been such a blessing and a really good son to my husband and me. And too - he has also touched so many lives around him - in such positive ways.

Not that long ago...we found out he has been struggling with having feelings for men, verses for women...for most of his life. He's in his early 20's now...and he and I sat together and had a really long and good talk about this matter. He shared with me what he struggles with and why and how he feels. One thing he shared with me is – it hurts when people say that "he chose" to feel and be the way he is. He told me, he didn't wake up one morning and choose to have these feeling. If he did choose, he would not have chosen, to feel that way. And because of this...this is why he feels he was born that way. My son knows how both my husband and I feel about this matter (that it is wrong in God's eyes - and it's a sin) and he respects that. He also truly loves the Lord a lot and has accepted Jesus into his heart - many years ago. And - he also knows that - even though he struggles with these husband and I still love him very much and would never turn our back on him. But we do pray for him and his situation.

So my Prayer Request is: Please pray deeply and strongly for my son (not in a condemning way - but a loving way) that God will truly transform him (from the inside out) and help heal my son from these feelings...and take them completely away from him. And bring him a wonderful Christian woman, to love him - and to be his wife one day...when he is truly healed from his struggles. I know that he may never fully stop struggling with this matter. But with much prayer and many prayers, and God's love and grace and forgiveness...I know my son can have the healing hands of God touch him and change him completely...from the inside out...and make him new again. Thank-you so much for your prayers and your radio station! 
Also - I request that you Please not share this story (over live radio) just within the people in your station. My son listens to your station too...and I do not want to embarrass him or disrespect him and his personal situation...all over the radio. Thank-you!

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