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Please pray for me I need help to quit smoking. I am having breathing troubles from so many years of smoking. I am only 40 but I have been smoking for 24 years of my life. At the present time I have asthma and chronic bronchitis. I need all the prayers and Gods help I can get.

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april of henderson nevada
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April, Suffering from

April, Suffering from addiction has a horrible grip on your life. Whenever you think you cannot quit...say these words: "I can't, but God can!" Ask him to give you the strength to become the person he created you to be. His spirit lives within you and can accomplish so much more than you are able on your own. You will succeed!!! Becky


April, life is hard and we

April, life is hard and we all face weakness in our lives. Give it over to God... He is waiting... Tell Him it is you will and desire to have Jesus as your Savior and to be set Free according to His promises. His love is forever without fear! Hugs and prayers going to you in Jesus' name Amen

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