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I lost my job back in August .I was making good money so I bought a house after being in a apartment for 12 years . Last year they started cutting our pay and they said they were going to be cutting the fat . Thats meant they were going to looking to get rid of people . I also had a supervisor that had a grudge on me cause I had made a mistake three years ago . I also had a couple of other supervisors that didn't like me cause the way I look and my age Im 58 . They were going telling everyone how old I was .They didn't like cause i keep the gray out of my hair and I wasn't as young as the other guys . anyways Im a contractor that goes to Afghanistan for 5 months strait and we work 7 days a week sometimes 12 to 13 hours a day with on 1 meal a day . But just to make the story short the next thing I was so tired and I made a mistake but someone else made a mistake on the other shift and I was also blamed for that mistake cause they wanted a cause to be rid of me . So now here I am struggling on unemployment trying to find another job to save my belongings after Ive work so hard to get . And I also have to help my relatives in the Philippines . I just feel like Im up against the hate of world . Its really hard especially when you get older seems like your up against more hate from the younger generation .

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Prayed you find a new job

Prayed you find a new job


I have prayed for you and

I have prayed for you and know that God is willing and able to help you. Here are some Scriptures that may help you:
Psalm 40
Luke 6:27-36

The only way to bring manifestation of the Scriptures into your life is to apply the Biblical principles into your life and to walk by faith, standing on what God has promised. God is surely providing for those who are diligent to Him! He is such a good God! Praise Him even through the toughest times.
Be blessed.

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