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Really Struggling with temptation and finances

I am really struggling right now. I have 5 years clean and sober from drugs and alcohol, but find myself with another addiction. This is not the only thing I have struggled with since I got clean, but I am really having trouble staying pure and fighting temptation. It has me wrecked to the point where I'm not motivated to work. I am at the point financially where I am going to be homeless in a couple days unless there is some kind of miracle. I am in a lot of fear that some of the choices I have made recently are going to have lifelong consequences that I'm not ready for. I know God can help me through anything but I just feel the weight of the world on my shoulders right now.

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I pray that God takes the

I pray that God takes the weight of the world off of you, I know he will so don't worry. God makes miracles happen everyday. He created everything! He is in charge of everything, even your heart. Let Him have your worries. i will pray that he helps you fight temptation. Just know that He is beside you.

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