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really tough times.

Please pray for me and my family.. my dad hasn't had much work, he sprained his back,my mom is so stressed out. haven't paid house payment. My relationship with GOD isn't what it is suppose to be. i can't figure out how GOD speaks through things. ( like the bible sometimes animals. ) i haven't had a clue yet.. I've been waiting for six years for GOD to tell me what to do. if i should sponsor a child or try to speak the truth about GOD.( i need some help with that. done it twice before and lost friends because of it)
please pray for me of what i should do.. and please give me some advice.. pray for my family.. everyone needs it.

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Amanda Fendrick
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God speaks to us in many

God speaks to us in many ways. We must train ourselves to listen and recognize Him speaking. This isn't always easy in our culture today because of amazing technology we have at our fingertips. But God more often than not speaks in a still small voice. I encourage you to read and study your Bible, because God speaks through His Word more often than anything else.


Hi Amanda; I hear the

Hi Amanda;

I hear the heartache in your request. Financial stress is something most everyone is experiencing right now and it wants to rob us of our peace.

Do your mother and dad know the LORD?

4 years ago my husband and I lost our jobs within 2 months of each other. The LORD gave us favor with our mortgage company and we remained in our home almost a year and a half before we had to leave. Times never got better for us with our home. But God had a plan. He told us to just do ministry at a homeless place and we did that. The my husband and I took some time to rest in the winter months after Christmas. In February he flew to Las vegas to spend some time with a sister he did not know well. I remained at home with our dogs. One day my husband called and said: "I think we are supposed to move out here". I laughed because we were fortunate to have 20.00 to our name.. period and the LORD had not said it to me as yet.

Well, all of the doors began to close on the east coast where we lived.. we prayed and put our house on the market.. and the LORD paid our whole trip out to Las vegas and gave us all we needed to live... BUT.. EVERY week... we are SHORT and we have to LEAN on HIS PROVISION. He makes it come when HE desires from where He desires and we try to follow His lead in all we do. It's pretty amazing.

Thing is we are just like you.. we have needs.. we have NO assets.. and we just TRUST GOD to take care of us as HE said he would. But we ONLY ask HIM for help.. no one else and we wait in faith and patience. We SWEAT BIG TIME when we first began trusting and learning this.. but now.. we are comfortable in it and peaceful. We DO have what we NEED.

As far as HEARING from GOD.. yourself.. COMMIT to a quiet time every day. Be faithful. I begin my mornings with singing to the LORD.. because He inhabits our praises.. but GOD is not legalistic.. In fact HE is ALWAYS closer to you than you can imagine.. closer than your next breath. It is our distractions that make him feel far away at times. I Confess whatever I know may be in the way of our fellowship immediately because I always want that 'open door' with the LORD. I sit with the LORD and I wait for HIM. He will come.

When you first start out.. don't get discouraged. Just Show up.. and soon God will show up and manifest Himself to you. Intimacy with His kids is His heart.. however sometimes.. it takes time to Build any relationship.. but then it's beautiful! He loves you.. and He will be there for you.. just keep seeking Him.. that's HIS promise!!

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