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Rebuilding my life.

Last November I was committed to a mental hospital at the age of 21. I was there for two Weeks as the Lord was repairing my mind and my way of thinking. I'm currently repairing my life and am still with my soon to be fiance. Finances are very bad currently and there are multiple unholy forces attempting to bring what we have built down. I am still struggling with my mental disorder and these events are resting heavy on my mind. it worries me to think that at any moment I could have a breakdown and detach from reality once again, I pray constantly about it but could definitely use some support to keep me going and this relationship going strong. I know the Lord will remove these evil forces in his time its just harder for me to wrap my head around it with these recent past events. My faith continues to grow and that is the only reason I have not gone back into my psychosis state. I thank you for giving me the chance to request prayers from you all. God bless you all!

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Audreana Irvin
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Stay Strong <3

Stay Strong <3


I hope things get better.

I hope things get better. Your path through life will be more clear as time passes, just be patient and stay strong and true to yourself and everything will work out. If life was never hard then you'd never know how strong you truly are. I believe you will have an amazing life and I wish you the best of luck. -TW

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