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rough year has been a rough year, all around, family, finances, choices and all...the best part of the year, a true Praise to God Most High, is He has given me a lovely Lady who has consented to become my wife...that is a wonderful story all its own... worst part is financial, right now...November should have been a good month, with 5 paydays, and all...the reality is, short work weeks (two with no work at all) and coming up on rent time, this weekend...the worst worst part is, my housemates are moving out 31 December, leaving me with the whole rent (which is about what my take home pay is, each month), not to mention the utilities and far I haven't been able to find new housemates...(and no, this isn't an ad for housemates)...I need prayer for immediate finances and finding new housemates...and I need long term prayer for a way to move to where my fiance' lives...thank everyone very much...(this is difficult for me as my Gift is Service so I almost NEVER ask for assistance)...another huge Praise is I DO have a job...

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robert (the Wood Guy at the Shop)
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Praying for God to bless you

Praying for God to bless you with continued finances to help you.For wisdom, guidance,and direction as you and your fiance come together. Also that the Lord will give you strength and peace through prayer and through the word.

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