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hayley has struggled w scoliosis and it seems to get worse every year...please be praying for healing.
thanks god bless

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"GOD.. I pray for Haley.. I

"GOD.. I pray for Haley.. I keep seeing a tea cup.. beautiful.. but not without wear and tear or chips.. or cracks. I see You LORD smiling and so very proud of this 'tea cup' just as it is. I know the day will come when you will heal Haley.. but until that time comes I ask LORD for every grace be given to her.. show her how beautiful she is and how you will use her to minister to those in need.. other tea cups that need encouragement.. and to know they are 'beautiful too.'In Jesus name.. amen!"


thank u brought tears to my

thank u brought tears to my eyes i am hayley dnt know if this was ment for me or not but thanks for the encouragement


I just found out that there

I just found out that there is someone out there my name is Hayley... I am not sure if this was for me but the response brought tears to my eyes <3 Thank you for the inspiration..

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