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Seeking higher paying job

I want to say that I am an ex convict. I have been working for 2 years at same company. I make 8.35 an hour, my desire is to have a higher paying job, so I can move out of my folks place. My desire is to work for the state of Nevada, I am asking God to soften hearts and allow me to move on. Thank you and God Bless.

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Hi Paul; I keep thinking of

Hi Paul;

I keep thinking of Daniel, David, Joseph, Peter, etc.. and me.
God has been teaching me about how our lives are on a timeline. If we give Him all of our lives.. and all of ourselves.. then that also means that we give Him the 'journey' as well.. and our part in that is to rest, trust, and obey His leading. One time He showed me a raft. He told me that the raft was Him and that my job was to 'jump on' and throw MY oars away.
I have been in the hardest place of my life. I was in the restaurant management field for many years! I could multi-task with the best of them and I had one speed..mach 3 with hair on fire. I made good money.. THEN.
God came.. I lost my job and now have been unemployed for almost 4 years. He will NOT open ONE door for me to work. Plus, I now have back problems. I think He wants me to spend even more time with Him.. and i have learned to lise from His hand. THAT has been a Big lesson in and of itself because He moved us across the country with NO money of our own. I wanted to share this with you to encourage you to Cast your cares.. and know that GOD is working on your behalf. He can and WILL turn the hearts of those He desires when the timing is right! Be at peace.. living at home is hard.. I understand.. and there is always pressure. But God will use this time to mold you.. as fun as that can be! :)Praying!


Thank you so much for your

Thank you so much for your prayer, sometimes I fell bad for asking, so many people not working. thanks again and God Bless


Haha. don't! I used to go to

Haha. don't! I used to go to the altar so much when I was first saved I thought everyone was looking at me and rolling their eyes.. saying.. "There she goes again.. that girl must be a mess!"

lol.. I am.. a beautiful one.. lol... The LORD later said to me that it's true about the 'squeaky wheel' if we don't 'ask, seek and knock' we don't get..

we ALL have needs.. just keep on asking.. and praying for others too! God Bless you!

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