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Today is my second wedding anniversary, it should be filled with joy, but is not actually it has been the best/worst two years of my life. My husband left me last year and moved to another State, when he asked for forgiveness I went back with him, tried to make my marriage work, when I arrived to be with him the abuse started again, physically, mentally, spiritually and emotionally.

I stayed for five months and in those five months ended up homeless and had to stay in a women's shelter until he stated that he was going to take me to the top of a mountain and leave me there so that no one could ever find me again, I left in January of last year and have had little to no contact with him, January will be a year and I have prayed for the Lord to release my heart from this man and to show me what direction to go, I have 80 more days to go and will be seeking divorce, but in this wilderness I have found joy, I have solely seeked on the Lord and will do so for the rest of my life, the Lord has humbled me and has allowed me to go through all this in order for me to get closer to him, my children and my walk, I know this is something that no one should ever have to endure, but I thank God and my husband for this journey because without this happening I would never be as close to the Lord as I am, total foregivness is truly the way to release all bondage, I pray for my husband and pray the Lord has mercy on his soul.

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And we know that in all

And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love HIm who are called according to HIs purpose.
God you know how many years I have called out to you on behalf of my x wife Vicki. She is the mother of our children. You know I pray to you for her as often as i pray for and think of the precious children you blessed us with. Today I add this womans husband to these prayers. Make their hearts fertile ground for your word. Bless them. Protect them. Keep them in your heart. We put all our trust in you for their salvation. We thank you for teaching us how to forgive and empowering us to forgive. We trust you to give them precisly what they need today. Thank you that you always hear and answer us.

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