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I've been struggling as a single person I guess. I've chased after boys and it just creeped them out and by chasing them I act weird around them... And it's just gotten me into a lot of trouble and now some guys avoid me. lol

I just wish... I never wanted a boyfriend..... or tried to have one. Please pray that I will be content being single but sometimes I wish I had somebody special. I dunno. I struggle with anxiety so please pray that I can overcome being anxious around people.

Please pray that I will find a boyfriend and that for now God will fill that space in my heart that is kinda empty.. or longing for love and a relationship.

Thanks for praying for me!

God bless

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I felt to say that Paul says

I felt to say that Paul says to consider the farmer when he was talking to Timothy. It's a short verse, but very full of wisdom.

When we belong to the LORD, our hearts are like gardens in which the LORD has to prepare the soil in them before He plants. He has to remove some things and heal the land before He can plant seeds. When the timing is right He Plants, waters, and watches over His Work to keep the pests and weeds away along with our help. All of this is a process.. and takes.. time.

His Word says that He gives us the desires of our hearts. In other words He puts His desires for us into our hearts. So it seems to me the Lord is wanting this for you or the desire would not be there. But.. Ecclesiastes says that 'there is a season for everything'

Can you wait on the LORD and trust the HE is not only preparing your heart for the right person He has in mind for you.. but that He is also doing the same work in them for YOU? :)

Many people never consider that God is the One who wants to choose our mate for us.. because that is the person made for us. Don't try any longer to find someone.. just ask the Lord to help you wait and to comfort and fill those places in you until one His time.. He brings you both together into the same place. And you will know! Blessings.

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