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single mom with no christmas

I just wanted to ask for prayer. I'm a single mom who is on the verge of having all my utilities shut off as well as losing my car. It has been very tough especially through the holidays but thanks to God and the radio station, I realized that the stress, presents and decorations does not define Christmas. I have explained to my 7 yr old daughter that we will have a Christmas but it will have to be put off until we can afford one. We will celebrate it with a tree and presents another time. And it came from her little heart that it was ok, that as long as we had Jesus in our hearts we will be ok and we didn't need to have any of that other stuff. So thank you so much for the radio station and thank you so much for all the prayers.

Desiree and Mikalah

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I will continue to pray for

I will continue to pray for you Desiree and Mikalah. You have a special little girl her heart is full with Jesus. Can I invite you to a Christmas dinner we are having through our WonderWomen Ministries. We are FB look us up and In Box for the directions. We meet in each others homes with dinner, prayer, worship, teaching, and women being healed. If you feel comfortable you can call me Terry Platt 245-7650 or my friend Richelle Shelter 409-3330. We are also on FB. God Will Bless You.


Thank you so much for your

Thank you so much for your prayers and invitation but unfortunately, I don't have a reliable car to get there and we live in the High Desert(victorville/adelanto)area. Thank you again for you prayers.



Praying for you and asking

Praying for you and asking for the same prayer for myself and my adult daughter. It's funny cause I told my 16 year old daughter and Grands the same thing, that we will put our tree up and have gifts under them when we have the monies. God is good.

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