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Single mother of 4

I grew up in a household of domestic violence, alcoholism, and drug addiction. My siblings and I were placed in foster care after living 2 years of homelessness with my mother and her boyfriends. After leaving foster care I was homeless and even upon moving to Las Vegas I've had bouts of homelessness. I have 4 boys, my youngest having cerebral palsy from prematurity. And not wanting to follow in my mother's footsteps I don't drink, smoke, or do drugs. I have been in abusive relationships with men who were alcoholics and drug addicts though. I have now been single for 5 years so that I may focus on my relationship with Jesus Christ and teaching my children to be men of God. Our finances are not great and my sons miss out on a lot of extra curricular activities, clothing and shoes, and other things that would build their self esteem. But my prayer request is that we continue to have a roof over our heads and security so that they would never have to experience what I experienced as a child. It is a fear of mine, although I know that fear is not of God. so I ask that you will pray for me to have peace, contentment, courage, and strength to be the best caregiver and provider to these children that God has placed in my life and in my care. And that they would not have to face homelessness or feel like at any moment that they will be out on the streets. I myself can never feel comfortable wherever I move because I feel that it will be taken away from me at any moment. And I pray that I'm not instilling that in them. I appreciate you having this prayer wall because I could use all the prayers that I can get. Thank you for your time and your prayers.

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