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sleep paralyzis/demon visitation.

A friend of mine has sleep paralysis, I have read that some say its a demon visitation. She says that when she sleeps that something gets on top of her and that she can't move has if she was being hold down. She is so scared sha has gone entire nights awake cuz of how afraid she is of going to sleep. I pray for her but I would really appreciated if she could have more prayers, please help and pray for her. Her name's Aide Tarango.
Thank you for your help.
Sincerely Eleazar

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Dearest Eleazer, I hope this

Dearest Eleazer,
I hope this gets to you and what I tell you can bring comfort to you and your friend. I know how your friend feels. I was listening to a christain radio show 28 years ago. They were telling a story of how when people start feeling uncomfortable in situations and that they started to pray the Lords prayer or Psalm 23 & that the things that made them uncomfortable would fade or go away. Two nights later I had the same sensation as your friend as I was being held down and a very evil darkness started covering my room, I couldnt move. I remebered the stories I had heard,and began praying in my head as I could not speak. I woke up n it was still going on i kept praying and i woke up again... this is weird. I kept waking into a continuing dream , I woke up several times I cant remember how many, but I kept praying when I was finally able to verbally speak I woke up for real. This has happened to me throughout my life the last episode was in 2004.I know that they can happen anytime but it has also helped me to keep my faith and belief in our Lord strong. I pray that it will never happen again but you never know. I have fought with demons several times in my life and only with the name of Jesus Christ have I been protected. I have seen angels and demons fight over me and always Jesus has been there even when I had totally given up and had decided I did not want to live any more. I found myself at a 4-square church , I had no idea how I had gotten there but Jesus was there and He touched me as never before. Im sharing this with you as I want to let you know thru my life no matter how bad things got Jesus is always there. I thank Him for all the good and the bad as it has made me stronger in my relationship with Him and the faith I know that will never leave on His end. Yes, I have turned my back on Him but, He has Never turned from me. Anyway I am telling you this that prayer and faith in Jesus will help your friend and I send my prayer to her and you, that you may be a comfort and a helping hand from Jesus to support her thru these episodes as they are terrifying. But tell her please to keep holding onto Jesus and she will get stronger with Jesus beside her to fight this.I truly believe this as I have been there. God Bless you both and may the blood of Jesus cover you both protecting and giving comfort to you both. I pray in the name of Jesus Christ. Amen.


I pray for her and be strong

I pray for her and be strong for her.


Eleazar, I've had that


I've had that happened to me before. In my culture, the elders say it happens because of going out to certain places and by that the unseen follows the person back home. There are many different circumstances but that's usually the main on if your friend goes out alot. Oh, It's usually the opposite gender thats holding her down. Tell your friend to fight it and rearrange her room. After that, she should be able to sleep again. I hope this work for your friend. Prayers indeed do help very much!

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