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I have been a Christian for about 30 years but I can't seem to brake the addiction of smoking. I have tried quitting several times, the longest that I have been smoke free is 6 week.

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I have been smoking for 20

I have been smoking for 20 years, may we pray for each other, since we pronounce our names the same we can remember each other. I will quit with God's help, and you will too. Believe you can......phillipians 4 13
God is so much bigger than our addiction, read the Isiah 40, the whole chapter explains how big God is


I will keep you in my prayers

I will keep you in my prayers to beat your addiction and be smoke free.. may god bless you.


When I was first saved the

When I was first saved the Lord delivered me completely. I had no withdrawl symptoms at all! But.. a few years later when I was under a lot of pressure and pain I bought a pack of cigarettes and said to myself.. "I can control this now."

Within a few days I was hooked once more.

I prayed for the Lord to deliver me again.. and I tried and tried to no avail.

One night at a street evangelism meeting I asked for corporate prayer for my addiction. Not only was it a reproach to me as a believer, but I knew it was very unhealthy for me and my family.

An older gentleman came up to me and put his hand on my shoulder. He said: "The LORD says HE is going to do a might work in you." and he said this 4 times and left me.

I will admit that over the years my pain level has been so intense emotionally that addiction even to other substances has always been something I have had to stand far away from and guard myself from so not use to NUMB my pain.

In the end.. the LORD began to show me that HE was doing a work. That addictions are like the manifestations of a cold or flu. THEY are NOT the PROBLEMS THEMSELVES. There is something going on on the INSIDE of us that keeps us going BACK to them.. and sure.. our physiological bodies get addicted too.. BUT once the ROOT within us has been taken care of.. we NO LONGER DESIRE the DRUG itself... and the BODY can also be Delivered from the effects.

The LORD took 2 years to do this work in me.

I DO believe that HE does deliver us instantly most times when we ask.. but.. we DO have to go and do the recovery work as well for it to remain!

My prayer for you today will be for the LORD to deliver you and to show you WHY you are so held by this and WHAT the Root of it is.



Allen God Loves you right

God Loves you right where you are and everyone in your path and He will guide you to those who He knows will only see Him in you. We are all different people and see Him through the differences of others, aren't there some people you would listen to and others you wouldn't, well you are right now someone that someone will listen to just because of who you are. Keep reading and praying, God will get you to where He wants you to be "in His time."


Praying for you! keep it up.

Praying for you! keep it up. I was a smoker for 16 years and quit almost 10 months ago. With God all things are possible :)

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