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Sometimes I can feel the enemies presence in my life - and I want to be FREE!!!!!

Hello guys - I struggle GREATLY with my faith - NOT in my heart, that is set in stone and solid as cement... BUT! I feel the enemy creep in to my thoughts, creating doubt, fear, worry and STRESS. I pray continually to be freed of this recurring trouble, but have yet to feel a full healing; praying for strength and help from my brothers and sisters in this. I feel almost ashamed (another problem I deal with due to some life choices I have made in the past that brought me where I am...) I am blessed with 2 beautiful, healthy and innocent babies; BUT - I am not married. I have been with my fiancé for almost 9 years and have just been waiting for him to grow in to the God fearing, God loving man that I dream of him to vbe - but his own selfishness keeps him from this. We were in counseling through church and through marital counseling and due to some turmoil that took place, all the growth along with counseling were set to the side and now we are in a bit of a rut. My faith continues to deepen and grow - and his is definitely not top priority, atleast it is not shown throught actions and day to day - he still like to go out to clubs, drink, stay out till the sun is up... etc. and I have ZERO desire to do those things, or take part - much less tolerate those behaviors around my home. Please pray for my family - my faith, strength and for the wisdom I know in my heart, to prevail. <3

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