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A son who needs help feeling his Father.

I have a 10 year old son. He is a passionate listener of SOS radio. Its the ONLY station that has been introduced into our home. My son Daniel struggles with ADHD, OCD, chronic sinusitus, allerghic rhinitus, stress and anxiety, weight deficiency, joint pain and swelling, and recently emotional breakdowns. He sees many doctors. Pediatrician, neurologist, ent, pediatric rhuemotologist, and a new psychologist who had to reschedule and we have yet to meet. He does take quite a lot of medication to help with everything...but my husband and I have tried to teach him that prayer is the best medicine. His recent emotional and mental breaks always come with the same words... "I feel like the devil is controlling me". Through his crying I try to get him to pray with me and just breath and give it to God. It is such an excruciating thing to see your child go through! Once is torture, but it is still occurring. Just about an hour ago we had another incident. I got my husband on the phone and we both told him to give it to God and prayed. Then my husband told me to turn on SOS and just have him listen and try to relax. I did of course.. But I feel we need some extra prayer to help my child! I don't have my family to turn to, as they do not believe in God. And even though I know better, I am a desperate mother! And would love all the help I can get in lifting my son up to our Father! I have a 7 year old daughter as well, and they are the ones who lead our family in prayer at every meal and bedtime and even our morning walk to school prayer for the day. They know the Lord and know that He is with them always. But for Daniel....I don't know why he keeps feeling this way. I know that the devil does not control my child! He is so kind and generous and good-hearted! For him to feel like this is unimaginable to me, and I am starting to feel defeated and overwhelmed that this keeps happening to him. My husband works odd hours and we do not see him very much anymore which just makes it feel even harder to overcome this! Please put my child in your prayers! Nobody should feel as if the devil is controlling them! Especially not an already struggling 10 year old little boy! Greatfull cannot even describe how I will feel knowing that others will be helping me lift up my child to be rid of these feelings! Thank you and God Be with us ALL!

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