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SOS saved my life.

Praise to SOS radio! I suffer extremely with a self-harm addiction, and severe anorexia. I woke up the other morning, looked in the mirror and hated what I saw. I saw a fat, overweight, 18 year old girl with acne, and dark circles under her eyes. I felt so alone and felt worthless...that all remained true until I bowed my head and cried out to Jesus. I turned on SOS Radio and I heard song after tell me how beautiful God thinks I am. It turned my attitude around, and the encouraging music on this radio station kept me from attempting suicide. Thank you SOS Radio for playing encouraging music every day, you will never know how much it means to me. <3

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I am almost 51. I had Bulimia

I am almost 51. I had Bulimia and Anorexia as a teen. I came from a mixed family. One side was 'small' the other 'stocky'. I was told all of my life that I would the part of the stocky side. I was always monitored whenever I ate. The world was all about being thin and beautiful. perfectionism and 'earning' love and value was my family motto. Favoritism when you performed and a black sheep when you did not.I have grown up feeling a failure, ugly, and fat. The Truth is..I am really not any of these things. But this is how we are groomed to think. GOD saved me as well.. and still is. This morning He gave me Psalm 139 and for the first time I heard it. Lately he has been speaking through the music and so many things about my 'outside appearance'.. that i am as HE MADE ME to BE. We have All the wrong ideas about what beautiful really is. You know what? For the FIRST time in my life I am accepting WHO I AM.. because HE is making me and His word says" HE MAKES ALL things (and us) BEAUTIFUL in HIS TIME."Don't believe the LIES anymore... just know.. like me.. YOU are a MASTERPIECE! ALL masterpieces are UNIQUE and there TRULY are NO Comparisons. GOD made diversity.. just look around you. Like the STARS in the SKY you were made to shine with your OWN LIGHT.. A reflection of the SON who shines on,in, and THROUGH you. Pray for me.. I;ll pray for you. Mind changes are a process.. let's keep on believing the Voice of Truth. Amen! <3

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