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I do believe in miracle or do I. I know I'm questioning myself.We had lost our home in 2011, so we filed for bankruptcy in 2011. Therefore we were renting for two years. Finale we were able to buy a home in two years after the bankruptcy, we found our dream home close by my daughter school so she don't have to transfer school and make new friends. The kids and us were happy that we can finale have a place to call home. Everything went so fast we look at the first house ,put our bid in got excepted over a cash buyer,loan was approved. So I told my husband no matter how hard life is God work miracle, as a christian we get it the hardest but we have to believe. At the finale detail of the loan they found that the public record show a forclosure. When we got discharge from the bankruptcy six month before the forclosure. We had put money to the appriser, home inspection, and earnest money. now we have to wait six month to the date of the forclosure.My loan officer was thinking maybe the owner will do lease to own until the six month.My daughter ask me if I were the owner would I do that, I said no, but never give up on God's miracle still can happen. Just prayed on it. Please help us pray on this.

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