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We have struggled for more than two and a half years financially because of the economy here in Las Vegas. When my husband lost his job the first phone call we made was to the mortgage company asking for help. They pretty much said so sad to bad there isn't anything we can do for you. So for the next year I struggled to make the house payment each month. In the mean time my husband travelled all over this country doing whatever work he could find staying with friends and family. Finally I chose to pay the electric and water bills to get them reconnected instead of paying the house payment. Now the mortgage company was wiling to talk to us...go figure. So I followed their instructions don't pay the mortgage cause that will accelerate your account to modification. About a year ago was husband was able to find employment here. He doesn't make nearly as much as he before he was laid off in 2009. Finally in January with the help of NACCA. The mortgage company offered us a reasonable payment for our house. Yea God it all is gonna be just fine, however on Thursday they contacted my husband and said that wasn't a permant payment plan. The new and improved payment is approximately 100.00 dollars lower that our original payment that we can not afford. Both my husband and I have taken on second jobs trying to honor the obligations of our debt. We do not know what to do now, we can not afford to make the payments but feel morally obligated to pay our debt. We have watched many people walk away from their homes and have relatives buy them new ones and are flourishing. While we are trying to to the right thing. Please help us we want to make the correct descision but we do not know what that is.

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