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Stolen bag @ Vegas airport Sunday, 10/20/13

This black backpack was stolen near Departure Gate D. It had "Investment Summit" in blue on the front; lots of zippered pockets & net side pockets. It is on wheels w/ a pull-out handle, has back straps, too many pockets to count (front, top, sides) & the straps fold into a pocket on the back.

It had 2 leather folders in it with ALL of our notes from the conference we attended @ the Green Valley Ranch Resort, plus several business cards. It also had an autographed copy of a book by Dave Seymour & Peter Souhleris, stars of Flipping Boston on A&E, plus a photo with them.

It had gifts: black box painted "I love you more than bacon," a set of plastic toes that stick to the wall to hold pencils, & a pink chandelier in a gift box for a girl's locker. They were all gifts for family.

We are praying for a miracle: for the bag to be turned into the airport or American Airlines, or even just the notes! No charges will be pressed. Please join us, as with God, ALL THINGS ARE POSSIBLE!!

Latricia Vaughn

BTW, loved listening to your station while there!

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Our bag was found & shipped

Our bag was found & shipped to us in December!! The only things missing were the snacks we had packed for the trip home & my husband's good tennis shoes. The gifts for our daughter & her kids were still there too.

Thank you so much for praying!! I'm sorry for getting this PTL report to you so late.

Thank you again!


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