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Stolen Car

A couple of days ago I made arrangements with my daughter's
grandmother and she said she would be able to babysit this weekend so
that I could study for my test (I'm in nursing school). But something came up and she asked if I could pick my daughter up this morning around 10:00am. I left my
house quickly (she lives only 3 miles away in Victorville) and got to
the house. My plan was to get my daughter and head out immediately so
that I could get back to studying. I left my car on in the driveway,
got my daughter ready and was about to head out (this took about a
minute) and then her grandma stopped us suddenly and asked if she
could pick up her toys in the bedroom before we left. I totally forgot
my car was on. I went to help pick up the toys and during that
timeframe someone took off in my car. I called 911 and filed a report.
My license and a credit card were in there. They person went to a gas
station in Hesperia and successfully used my card there. Then they
attempted to use it with Sprint but failed. They also tried to use it
at a gas station in Riverside but failed again. My car is still

Prayers are much needed right now. I've been listening to this station for over year now and it has really helped me get through hard times.

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