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My wife and I both come from broken homes and have never seen a functional marriage, we have both been divorced prior to becoming christians and she has two children from previous relationships. We have been having a lot of problems adjusting to one another as a blended family and she left about 3 weeks ago and said she wants a divorce. Please pray for me that I will show patience with her and my step-children and that she will see that running away from conflict is not how to fix it and that we can break the cycle that our parents have past down to us if we keep faith in God that he will help us grow together and raise our children in a christian home.

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Dear Heavenly Father, This

Dear Heavenly Father,
This family is in your hands Lord and I pray you restore this marriage. Soften and heal the wife's heart to be open to your work, bless the wife and husband with wisdom about your ideas for marriage and what a functional marriage looks like, how to communicate and work out issues or disagreements. You know what this man and woman need Lord to reconnect and what changes they both need to make to have a successful marriage, I pray that you would bless them both with your word and visions of what those things are. I ask you to restore this marriage and bless this family with an abundance of love, joy, peace and great understanding and grace for one another. Encourage this family to keep on trying and trusting in you to meet their needs personally and as a family.
In Jesus name Amen.
Much love to you and your family, I will continue to pray for your family.


Get the series "Love and

Get the series "Love and Respect" by Dr. Emerson Eggrichs. If you watch the whole series this should stop the crazy cycle for you, it did for us!

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