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A few yrs ago my dad past away due to diabetes... The next 6-12months following that was one of my hardiest fights I have ever had to go through... I had so many questions about why did this have to happens and what could I have done to help... In one of my darkest moments I recited enough was enough I needed to start to live again... I had become someone that I didn't even know anymore... I decided that I needed to give something back and I needed to help others... So I became an active partner in the community by supporting & helping groups like AFAN, A.D.A, MS, LiveStrong, H.C.W.S and many more... It was an eye opening event in my life when my dad past that life is something that needs to be lived... God gave us this life and because we are Strong Enough to live it & to help others as well... For the past few yrs now I have started competing in the sport of Cycling and this yr I'm pushing to the next level with Triathlons... There is something about the sport that makes me feel closer to my dad & god... As if it is their strength that is guiding me helping me to finish the race... I just want people to know that with Strength, Endurance, Will & Faith anything is possible...! Please say a Prayer for all those that are in the Darkest Moment right now because when you are in the momment it feels as if another will ever get better and it does... I have a Triathlon Race @the end of this month and I could use a Prayer myself for Strength & Endurance and Grace as I compete...
Thank You
David Sanchez Jr

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David Sanchez
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