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I'm 3 months out of a year long treatment program. I am just now allowing myself to meet new people and date. I'm having a very hard time of sharing my past (which is a big part of who i am today). I fear being shamed and judged, not knowing if someone new to my life would accept me with my past and current mental disorders. I pray for strength and acceptance of myself.

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Ewe I'm right there with

Ewe I'm right there with you... but i keep telling the truth to everyone cause that will weed out those not willing to help! Sometimes it's easier to watch people go cause then i don't have to let them in to help! Jesus Loves You Right Where You Are!
Keep reading the bible, Praying, and Waiting... and if you can't read cause your hearing it before actually read it, than watch a good movie... it moves fast enough that you wont hear it first! read, pray, wait, that's what my pastor says... even though i don't go to church i still read the e-votions and comment at and max lucado everyday blessings.
Hang in there and hang on to Jesus!!!

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