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I have fallen into a "backslide" I know God and how great he is. I need to get back to him, I have no support here and I need to find a good bible based church that has small groups and a GREAT youth ministry for my children. Please pray for direction to a church and strength to stay clean, sober and avoid the trap of the devil that I seem to fall in frequently anymore. Thank you for your prayers!!! I have faith they will help me find my way home again.

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I know of a great church. I

I know of a great church. I go there and its full of warmth and love. They have an awesome youth ministry, which my children also attend. My children never want to leave church. They always have a great time there. We don't really have small groups but we have ten life cell groups which are kind of like small groups. They have one for singles, married couples, older members, new Christians, people in Henderson, people in North Las Vegas and East Las Vegas. Its worth a visit. Although I'm not sure where you are. This church is located in Las Vegas Nevada. If you are in Las Vegas I say its worth a shot.Its called Victory Outreach Summerlin and I love it.... I will also be praying that the Lord will lead you and your family to a church fit for you. God Bless!

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