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Strength in our roller coaster marriage

I am writing this because I do not know where else to turn. Desperate is probably how I am feeling. I feel like my husband and I have been on a roller coaster for a long time and it is not going to stop.

Please pray for my marriage we are under a lot of stress right now and have been for sometime. We lost my husbands 19 year old son two months ago due to a tragic hunting accident, we worked on a mutual transfer for my husbands work through the Post Office so we could be closer to my husbands 15 year old son. The transfer feel through after we sold our house. We are / were looking for another house here but every offer that we put in was not accepted. We argue at simple little things as we are overwhelmed. On top of everything my husband now says that he wants a divorce because we are at one another a lot. I start counseling by my self next week. My husband has decided not to take his anti-depressants any more and to not take his mood stabilizers because he says he does not need them... he stopped taking them about a month and half ago to two months ago. My husband has asked for me to seek help from a Psychologist so I will be going next week.

We argue at little things and we both pick at one another... I guess I do more of that though. We are overwhelmed and now my husband is talking about a divorce or separating. I do not want either and I really believe that he does not. I think that separating only is a recipe for divorce because you are then not really working on issues together and we would be spending more money that we really do not need to spend.

Please pray for us to work on staying together during these difficult times and that we both have patience with one another. Please pray for all of our children ... between the two of us we have three girls that do live with us while going to college.

I pray that since my husband believes that all of our problems stem mostly from me that I can get the proper help and that he may decide to see his psychologist again too or marriage counseling with me.

I know that this is long... but once again we really need prayer right now. I am also looking at wanting to see if anyone else knows of anything else that I can do to save my marriage and slow down this roller coaster.

Thank you,
Sincerely- Blessings to ALL

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