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Strengthen our relationship and clear all doubts

I met my now boyfriend in church we became good friends especially in the hard time when we were both hurt and stepped on from past relationships, we bonded so much we lifted each other from this heart ache we shared, till one day we started to see each others hearts and relized we had something deeper then friendship that was part of it we talked and I started to feel strong feelings for him and so did he , but we were scared to try but more was I to give my heart up again, he was something different a different type of relationship I never had he saw a beauty I never thought I had and it was a grace he saw in me and we went out but I was confused scared that I walked away it was so hard for me because I knew in me God sent him when I was going to give up on love I would pray to meet someone who loved me for me someone who saw my true beauty and then out of no where I meet him it was amazing unexpected blessing, to make it short I've been with him 3 months and it's been hard but at times the enemy puts doubts in him about us I know he loves me his asking for a confirmation and I won't say it doesn't hurt me a little bit because I know his the one and he prayed for me to come back to him and for God to give me as his one and I came back one day, people have told me and him will do great things together and my sister gave me word one day that i would be presching together and that word came true i got to open the service we had for our young adults in our church, i believe in the promises ive been given so it's hard for me to know that he gets doubts about if I'm his one but I pray God shows him his confirmation , this is hard for me because I love him with all my heart I'd just ask for you to keep me and my boyfriend in your prayers and ask to strengthen us and strenghten me for what ever happens and to prepare us to what will come, but most important to keep our faith strong , thank you all and God Bless you all and your families

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