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Please pray for my family. My husband's job has become a huge burden on us. He is always stressed out and can't handle anything. I'm not sure what our weekend is going to intel, but at this point we might not be together for it. We have 3 children and I don't want their Christmas ruined. Thank you.

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Precious Lord, intervene in

Precious Lord, intervene in the midst of this family who needs Your Presence. We bind Satan, every strong man, every demon set on assignment against them to steal, kill and destroy. We command them to leave and we break every scheme, tactic and move of the enemy in the name of Jesus that would tear this family apart! We declare the enemies plans null and void! For when the enemy comes in like a flood the Spirit of the LORD will raise up a Standard against him! Your standard LORD is YOUR WORD and YOU have the FINAL WORD! Speak YOUR WORD to this husband and wife.. cause them to hear YOU alone! We LOOSE the Holy Spirit to move in Power and Might among this family to soothe, calm, comfort, and heal! Your Word says "you quiet us with Your love". You have not left this family nor will you let them down or let them drown, but you will see them to the other side Lord. Lord I pray that you bridge all divides with forgiveness and that you reignite love, unity and understanding. Open fresh paths of communication and link each heart to the other. Bind them together once more by Your Spirit! Let them seek YOU and your will for their lives together and open their eyes, ears and heart to hear Your will Lord for them and the direction they need to take. Nothing is too hard for you nor is Your Arm too short to save.. SAVE now LORD! Save now! In Jesus name! Amen!

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