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Dear SOS,
I am writing to you to ask you for prayer. I am not different from many people during these hard economic times, but I find myself being tested a lot lately. Three weeks ago we found out that I am pregnant with our 3rd child, which is a huge blessing since we are still recooperating from a miscarraige that did more emotional damage then anything else. Naturally I was nervous, "Once bitten, twice shy". My husband reassured me that everything will be ok and whatever happens happens. Well this last Friday my husband was laid off, which leaves me as the sole provider for our family of 4 plus his brother who lives with us as well. It hurt because it was a week before Christmas, when times are supposed to be happy, when all they feel now is scarry and unstable. We were saving to get 2 twin mattress for my boys so they could sleep in their bunk beds we got them, but that will even have to be pushed off. We will get through, because I do know that God does not give us more then we can handle. My prayer request is for all those who have it worse than me. Through all this "drama" going on, I realized that as bad as I think I have it someone else has it worse, and that makes me even more sad. So please pray for those people who might not be lucky enough to know that God does provide. Merry Christmas SOS and thank you!

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Sometimes we bring guilt on

Sometimes we bring guilt on ourselves for how we feel during hard times by saying: "someone always has it worse." Truth be known? You are right! BUT.. That does not have to take away from the grief, the scariness of what you are all experiencing, the needs you all have, and even the misconceptions concerning Christmas.

You are allowed to have your feelings as you experience them. Jesus knows and feels them with you and helps you find them in them. He is your High Priest and Your Intercessor. He is.. I AM. He knows all about cirucumstances, there is nothing that is a surprise to Him or unknown. Let Him HOLD YOU in all of this and Carry You, heal you. He is still your ANSWER to every need and He Promised with His Own Blood that He would take care of your needs if you only look to Him. Only He can comfort in the way He does and only He will bring His answers in His way and in His timing. Just let Him. Let Him prove that to you all as He has done for me and my family.
Christmas has been passed down as a 'happy day' and to the point where people receive a 'second injury' when trouble or trauma occurs during that season. The world set us up in all of that. Christ came into the world on His day in a cold, dark, barn and He came to rescue the hurting. If we only knew that the kind of happiness we settle for is fleeting with events that quickly pass by, but instead we need is the inner Joy that He is With us.. Emmanuel.. even in our pain and need, hen we are not disappointed when trials come even during that season. I know that God will see you are fine.. He still rescues, delivers and provides. Praying with you.

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