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my name is yolanda helstrom and im a single mom supporting a 14 year old daughter for the last 8 years. Her dad was releesed from prison in june. They have had a rocky relationship. i ask that a prayer be said for them to rebuild there relationship in a healthy way. As for me i'm struggling every day to keep my daughters and i's head above water. To make the right choices in life and to be okay. I'm a recovering adict of several years and the struggles of life r heavy on my shoulders..I don't want to ever return to that pain. So every morning i surrender to my lord jesus christ and ask for his mercy and strenght.. Just please pray for my daughter to find her way back to the lord and peace in my life. Thank you

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Yolanda Helstrom
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Praying for you all that the

Praying for you all that the Chief Cornerstone will rebuild you a "Beautiful House" like God did for King David. "Unless the LORD builds a house and a family, they labor in vein who build it". Psalm 127:1 Peace Lord, upon this home and upon this family, in Your great name! Amen!

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