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Struggling Frist Year Teacher

I am a struggling first year teacher who came into the year two months into the year. The previous teacher left and the class has many behavioral issues. I have gotten written up a few time. My depression came back in January and my grandma past away in the same month. Also, I was not ready for a profesional development specialist which caused my principal to become angry and was how my struggles began. I got an notice of investigatory interview in January because of my reading block. Now, this week, the day after I submitted my frist prayer request this week, I got another notice. I know now I work for the Lord and not my principal. I feel I cannot please her. She is attacking me and not allowing me to grow as a teacher. I am stressed and overwhelmed. I have turned to the Lord wholeheartedly, praying and meditating on His word to help me through this trial. I know there is good that will come out of this, but my confidence as a teacher is shaken and my strength is failing everyday. Please, can you help me pray to get me through this trial. Vengeance is Mine say it the Lord.

Please help me pray. I need all the help. My principal is making me feel that all the issues and all that is weak is because of me and that I cannot control my students.

Please help me pray.

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