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Stuck in the hole I dug myself

I am at a point in my life that I have no idea what to do even though I somewhat know what to do, if that makes any sense. College would be the necessary step after high school, but I haven't gone yet, nor is there a job for me. I just graduated high school last year, and I figured I'd take a year off or so, I suppose it's a mistake now. All I do now is sit at home and waste my life away. I've always wanted to make my life count and to do something great for God, but I can't even motivate or get myself back on track. It's like in my mind I wanna be productive, but I repeatedly fall back into this cycle of being lazy, doing nothing and at the end of day, beat myself up and be somewhat depressed. I suppose somewhere along the road I must've just given up entirely on life or something, I don't understand how else I would've became like this. The only thing that I've kept a hold on is the drums. I still practice and enjoy playing it. But all I ever hear from people is that I'll never make a living out of it, that my chances of ever using it greatly is slim, and that it's best if I just made it a hobby. Drumming is the only thing that can take my mind off of everything, it's my quiet time, so to speak lol.
But everything else in life I've always given up on, I feel like a loser. I don't know what direction I'm supposed to be going in, confused and hopeless. Everything seems so simple yet so difficult. I've always wondered if my father was there for the family, for me, would I've become a far better person.

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You sound like you could be

You sound like you could be "my son" except he didn't graduate and he has a stratocaster, It's not easy for kids these days but this is a huge step for you because you are trying to identify where you are and why... try telling yourself
"Jesus Loves Me Right Where I Am"
when you go to bed... let that be your last thought of the day it will make it you first thought of the morning, cause He knows everything that has brought you to where you are... ya know Max Lucado has great positive daily devotionals and you can sign up your email. Every day is a new chance...
Hey your funny... great sense of humor... my quiet time is in the car with the radio blasting SOS... lol
Have A Great Day Today!!!


You remind me of my son.he is

You remind me of my son.he is 24 now and has a full time job. You probably need to get in touch with your church or a church if you don't have one. This might be the time to get involved with the music ministry at church for a start. Never give up on your talents whether it is a hobby or something to become a livelihood. Not all of us are able to make a living in music. God gives us talents to be used to glorify Him.
Dear Lord, please take this young person in your loving embrace and guide them as you would have them do, not only glorify you Lord but also to show them the way to happiness and contentment with you. The road is never easy for young hearts Lord, but cradle them and keep them safe in the choices they make. I pray this for you in Jesus name. Amen

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