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suicide worry

My oldest son has been struggling with depression the last couple of years. We've had him in therapy and thought things were getting better but it turns out he has just gotten better at hiding it.

A friend of his called me Sunday and told me that my son said he was going to kill himself. When I confronted my son he admitted that he has been having suicidal thoughts at least a couple times a week.

We are very worried for him. He says praying doesn't help and I fear he is giving up on his faith as well.

Please please pray for us.

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I have struggled with this

I have struggled with this myself thought my life. Intercessory prayer is an amazing gift from God. Heavenly Father I pray that you speak to this young man in a way that he can hear you. Please dear God comfort him and his family as your peace and love settles over them. Bring this young man the guidance and surety only your grace and love can bring. In Jesus' holy name I pray. Amen


I will keep your son in

I will keep your son in prayer. I understand how hard this is, my own son went through years of depression and thoughts of suicide. But God delivered and healed him. Prayer is powerful and effective!

This verse is for him: Jeremiah 29:11 Please tell him that what he is going through is only temporary and to hold on to his hope.

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