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A Troubled Marriage

My name is Michelle and I have grown up in the Word. When I was in the tenth grade I felt the call to become baptized. Ever since, I've tried to remain strong and do as the Lord says. I am not prefect, I have gone through my own ups and downs on my journey, but right now the most difficult part is being married to a man, James, who seems to be none-growing as a Christian and even thinking about completely leaving his faith behind. I love my husband so much, but I cannot continue not putting the Lord first in my marriage. One of the reason why I started dating him was the fact that he felt the same for the Lord as I did. Now, when I talk to him about going with me to church (or even starting to get back into the church), watch a sermon online, listen to Christian inspirational music, or even seeking help through counseling, he refuses "I don't want to, it bores me." I do not know what to do. I fear that our struggles as a marriage couple will only become more difficult if we do not have a Lord-center marriage or even grow together as a couple. I feel the lack of spiritual support daily and I fear, once we have children, things will only spiral downward further. I dont know what to do. I thought about separating, but I don't believe in that. I pray about it everyday. Many of my friends even pray about his salvation as well. I know the seed has been planted.

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