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troubled at work

i work for a great company.but in april i Transferred to a new property. it seemed to be a great new relationship with my new manager. but it didn’t last long he seemed to be going out of his way to make things more difficult for me. so we finally had a meeting to address the problem. he didn’t hide that he had no desire for me to be here. in his words he was forced to accept my transfer request. at first it didn’t discourage me I took it as an opportunity to shine for Jesus. but he has not backed off instead he eliminated my shift and I’ve been finding harder and harder to find the strength to come to work and perform to the best of my ability. I can go on and on with the meetings I have had with him. it just hard he comes in drunk alot and always finds the smallest little things to point out and the favoritism is unreal. I just want to shine for Jesus and need some prayer from my brothers and sisters thank you God bless you all

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Father God, I just come to

Father God, I just come to you in the name of Jesus and lift up your beloved to You, right now. Father God, I bless You that Slot Tech has a job and is able to provide for their needs financially, God. But Father, we see that Your beloved is under attack right now, Father, and realy needs the peace only You can provide. I thank you, Father, that Slot Tech has reached out to You&the body at this time& I ask You, Father, in the name of Jesus, to give this child a shower of peace. I ask You, Father, to bless Your child that You have their heart in Your hands&this child is exactly where You want them to be. Father, I bless You, because even in the midst of suffering, You have allowed Your child to bring their boss's addiction to alcohol to the forfront, that we, Your people, could lift him up in prayer. Please God, grant mercy &freedom from addicition, In Jesus' name.May Your child heap burning coals, Father, that blessings may come. Please, Father, bless Your child favor at the workplace. Please allow blessings from tough situations to have management be grateful Your child be there.Bless them to have a favored schedule, Lord.Bless favor upon Your child,Father, and bless Your child to bring their full armor of God daily, so they are ready for battle. Bless Your child through their suffering, in Your name, and break the strength of the adversary there. Almighty God, Father of All, we praise Your name. We pray peace from Him who is our peace.In Jesus holy name, Amen.

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