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Hello im going though a forecloser on my home and bankruptcy, and a divorce I have 2 kids twins boy girl 8 of age. I leaved a life of error I missed so much. 2011 I worked on my relationship with god started to go to church just recently
Im still not given my life to the lord there is still things in my life that I use to copp with the pain and it is making me lose my soul. I love god and I hear his words, I just feel real dump for not listening. God bless every one

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I am praying the LORD will

I am praying the LORD will cover you with HIS WINGS of love today to let you KNOW that you are LOVED AS YOU ARE.. RIGHT WHERE YOU ARE AT!

Take you, your life, your children, your past, present and future.. with all of it's problems and pain.. just pour them all out to the LORD and LAY them at HIS FEET. LET GO.

The BEST day of my life was the DAY I realized that I did not have to GET MYSELF RIGHT to GO to GOD. I went just as I was in ALL of my MESS!! I have been divorced twice, and in bankruptcy twice, and have lost my home as well.

No MESS is too big to turn GOD away from us.. but the KEY is to GIVE HIM our mess and let HIM LOVE US IN IT and let HIM work it all out for HIS GLORY, the good of our family and others involved and for us too.

YOU are NOT in a BAD place.. but a GREAT ONE to SEE GOD MOVE in your life! RUN TO HIM and give your life COMPLETELY to HIM.. HE WILL DELIVER YOU from ALL 'things' that HOLD YOU as well!

Praying with you for peace, comfort and the Faith you need to TRUST in HIS LOVE! People walk away.. GOD DOES NOT.. EVER! <3

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